The Global Organic Textile Standard and You!

The Global Organic Textile Standard: what it means to you, your family, the world.

The term “organic” appears everywhere these days. It’s at the grocery store, the cosmetics counter, and Loomed NOLA too. But what does this label mean? And why is it important for textiles?

At Loomed NOLA all of our cotton is certified organic through the Global Organic Textile Standard, and it’s awesome.

What is the Global Organic Textile Standard? The Global Organic Textile Standard, or G.O.T.S., “is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.” In other words, the G.O.T.S. acts like the hall monitor for farmers and factories producing organics.

What are the “ecological criteria” mentioned in their definition?

In the farming stage, only approved organic materials and practices are used in the planting, cultivating and harvesting steps. Farmers tell bedtime stories to the cotton plants at night to soothe them to sleep (only kidding!).

In the processing stage, manufacturers can’t use scary chemicals (think toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, and the like) while turning cotton bolls into thread. Manufacturers’ physical plants, including equipment and cleaning materials, are held to the same standard. Do you want carcinogenic amine compounds in your towels? Nope, us either!

What about the “social criteria”?

This is when we really fall in love with the G.O.T.S.! They specifically prohibit practices like child labor, forced labor, excessive working hours, and discrimination. They guarantee living wages, safe living conditions, and regular employment. Happy workers fairly paid? We love it!

In short, the Global Organic Textile Standard makes sure that the clothes you wear and the towels you use don’t harm you, your environment, or the lovely people who made them.


Want to know more about the Global Organic Textile Standard? Visit their website here!